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Fence Builders San Bernardino has been serving the San Bernardino community for many years, providing strong and beautiful fences for all of our customers around the city and surrounding area. We are familiar with all the characteristic conditions that we all experience as a community in San Bernardino, so we know what you need from your fence for it to last long and serve you well. Fence Builders San Bernardino guarantees fences that will withstand all types of weather and opposing forces, giving you a fence you can use and love for years to come. If you are looking for a fence company that will professionally install and repair fences that you can trust without fail, then Fence Builders San Bernardino is the fence company you need.

Our number one goal at Fence Builders San Bernardino is to exceed the expectations of our customers and give them the most pleasant and memorable fence installation or fence repair experience in San Bernardino. Our fences are always constructed with the best materials and put together with the most passionate care and consideration. Our fence installation and fence repair teams are expertly trained and are more than ready to help you get your fence work started as soon as possible. We know this is a big decision to settle on, but we know we have what it takes – plus more – to give you the fence you have been dreaming of. Your past without a fence will be a long forgotten memory once you see how much your yard and your life transform with the presence of our quality fences at Fence Builders San Bernardino. Fences are always a wonderful addition to add to your home or business and we are very passionate about giving members of our community great fences that will perform great work, and on top of that, we want to give you our very best customer service. We don’t just care about giving the perfect fence, but we want to make sure you have everything you need as the customer too.

When it comes to choosing your fence company, there are many factors you should consider.

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San Bernardino Fence Installation Experts

Our fence installation services at Fence Builders San Bernardino are the highest quality fence installation services in all of the San Bernardino area. We make up our fence installation team with deeply passionate professionals who know fences like the backs of their hands. As a team, we go through thorough procedural and methodological training. Also, we have many, many years of experience working in all types of conditions, situations, and landscapes, providing the greatest fences in every last one of them. We are a very detail oriented company who pays very close attention to all the details, big and small, that make a great fence. When you get a fence installed by Fence Builders San Bernardino, you are getting the highest quality fence installation and fence that you could possibly find in San Bernardino.

We believe in a stress-free experience. When we work on your fence installation, we do everything that we possibly can so that you don’t have to do anything except communicating with us. From the beginning, we go out of our way to take care of everything, that includes knowing all the city regulations and even obtaining the building permits so we can install the fence on your property with no issues. For residential properties, we even help you with getting HOA approval before we begin your fence installation. When the fence installation is done, we give you all the information you need to keep your fence in great shape. We are also available for fence repairs after fence installation is complete, in case you find yourself with fence damages later.

San Bernardino Fence Builders Installation
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Chain Fence Experts in San Bernardino

If you are ever faced with fence or gate damages, no matter how big or small the damages are, there is no need to worry! Fence Builders San Bernardino is always available to complete fence repairs and gate repairs on request. We know that in San Bernardino, it is possible that things like earthquakes or any type of accidents can happen and you have to face the aftermath as a property owner, but we at Fence Builders San Bernardino want to take care of everything and make your fences and gates new again. Our fence repair and gate repair jobs are always made to be affordable, so you don’t have to stress about the money aspect either. Basically, our stress free policy extends to our fence repair and gate repair on top of our fence installation services. Our goal is to make sure that once we are done, you’ll forget that anything was even damaged in the first place. Our fence repair and gate repair services also extend outward to our emergency fencing service where we prioritize your fence repair needs to get them fixed right away. In the event of severe damages that significantly affect your daily productivity and safety, we at Fence Builders San Bernardino will do everything in our power to get your fence back to normal right away so that you will not have to stress about something going wrong because of your broken fence.

Fence Repair Services in San Bernardino

At Fence Builders San Bernardino, we feel that you deserve the best fence in San Bernardino. The fences we have for you here at Fence Builders San Bernardino are guaranteed to be exactly what you deserve out of your residential fence or commercial fence. We have the best fences for your business, home, school, or any other type of property. As someone who has worked hard to become as successful as we are, we know you have done the same for yourself and your home or business, so we always make sure to give you a residential fence or commercial fence that will only add to the quality of your property. Fence Builders San Bernardino respects you and your efforts and we want to do our part in giving you a fence that reflects your diligence. We can guarantee that the residential fence or commercial fence that we install for you will capture the admiration of all passersby and visitors that come by your property. We offer all our residential fences and commercial fences in a variety of different fence styles. Some of this fence styles include: wood fences, aluminum fences, PVC fences, iron fences, and chain link fences. Some of these fence styles even come in different colors, designs, finishes, and more. The best part is that each and every one of the different fences that we offer our customers are guaranteed to be the best, strongest, and most beautiful fences that you can find in San Bernardino. Fence Builders’ fences are strong and well-crafted and they will perform whatever function you need them to. Do you need your residential fence to keep your dog from running away when you let him out? Our residential fences can definitely help. Do you want to represent your company with an intimidating fence that shows you are respectable? You can trust our commercial fences. No matter what you need your fence for, we have something for you at San Bernardino Fence Builders.

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Residential Fencing and Commercial Fencing San Bernardino

Pools are a vital part of the beautiful city of San Bernardino. Pools give us an opportunity to have fun and enjoy a paradise experience without needing to leave the house to go to the beach. Pools have many upsides, for example, keeping us cool in the heat and making our homes and communities look more enjoyable and desirable. However, pools can also have their drawbacks. If not used with care, pools can be a very dangerous place for any visitor who does not have the ability to swim, and this includes children. Falling in an unsecured pool and likely drowning is an awful fear that no one would want to have, so it is extremely important to keep your pool area as safe and secure as possible, whether it is a community pool open to the public or a private pool that you use at your home. The best way to be sure that your pool has this safety and security is by having Fence Builders San Bernardino install a pool fence around the pool. Pool fences are constructed to be tall enough to keep children and animals from climbing over the top of the fence, and the gates are sturdy and secure enough to keep children and others out if they do not have permission or supervision. If you need to get a pool fence installed around your beautiful San Bernardino pool, Fence Builders San Bernardino can guarantee you the best and highest quality pool fences that can be found in the entire San Bernardino area. Yours and your visitors’ safety should never be taken lightly, so it is important to make sure that you hire the most trustworthy pool fence company to install your pool fence for you. San Bernardino is that fence company that you can always trust to keep the community safe.

Pool Fencing San Bernardino CA

Do you have a unique design in your head or drawn out for your own custom fence? Have you been thinking that it wasn’t possible to bring that idea to life? Well, at Fence Builders San Bernardino, we offer high quality and professional custom fences as an option for your fence. We can create custom fences out of almost any fence style, so you have a lot of room to work with. When you come up with a design, or when you ask us to help you with the design, we will always double check with you that the design is acceptable before we construct the fence. It is important to us that your custom fence looks exactly like you pictured it so that you can be elated every time you see it. The custom fence work that we do for our customers at Fence Builders San Bernardino is the best custom fence service that is offered in our area. Custom fences are always something to be proud of and we want to give you something that you can be undyingly proud of for many years to come.

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Our fence contractors in San Bernardino are able to reach out to you no matter what side of town you are in. We have a great team of fence workers that are very quick and organized with the help of our staff. This means that we are able to schedule you in for an estimate at your convenience!
Check out some of the sections below to see driving directions towards popular local spots that we can quickly reach.

Directions to San Bernardino International Airport: Turn left onto W 9th St, Turn right onto N Del Rosa Dr, Turn left at E Rialto Ave, Slight left at Harry Shepard Blvd, Slight left onto S Leland Norton Way, Slight right to stay on S Leland Norton Way, Destination will be on the right.

Directions to Dignity Health - Community Hospital of San Bernardino: Head south on N D St toward W 18th St, Turn right at the 3rd cross street onto W 16th St, Turn left onto N E St, Turn right onto W 16th St, Turn right onto N G St, Turn left onto W 16th St, Turn right onto W Historic Rte 66 E/N Mt Vernon Ave, Turn left onto W 16th St, Turn right onto Medical Center Dr, Turn right, Turn right, Turn left, Destination will be on the right.

Directions to San Bernardino Valley College: Head north on N D St toward W 19th St, Turn left onto W Highland AvePass by AutoZone Auto Parts (on the right in 0.5 mi), Turn left onto the ramp to Los Angeles/Riverside/I-215 S/I-30, Keep left and merge onto I-215 S, Take exit 42A for Inland Center Drive toward Colton, Turn right onto S Inland Center Dr, Sharp right onto S I St, Turn left onto W Grant Ave, Turn right onto S Fairview Ave, Turn right, Turn left.

Custom Fences in San Bernardino CA

Fence Builders San Bernardino is the one fence company in San Bernardino that loves to go above what you as the customer expect from your fence company. We know the basic duties we need to perform as your fence company, but we want to be more than just your fence company. We want to be the best neighbors we can be to our fellow community members in San Bernardino. From beginning to end, we are working diligently to make sure that there is never anything that you need to stress over. Once you choose Fence Builders San Bernardino as your fence company, you do not have to worry about anything regarding your fence service. For our residential and commercial fences, we as your fence company will get all the necessary permits and permissions from the city of San Bernardino before we start building. If you are getting a residential fence installed at your home, we also help all our customers in receiving HOA approval before we begin your fence installation at your home. When you hire Fence Builders San Bernardino, you will have no reason to worry about anything. We never settle for less and we never give anything less than our best effort and this allows us to remain the best fence company in San Bernardino, and we do it all for our customers. No other fence company in San Bernardino shares this same passion that we do for both fences and our customers’ satisfaction and happiness.

For a free quote on our fences, call us as soon as you can at Fence Builders San Bernardino, the number one fence company in San Bernardino.