San Bernardino Common Fencing Styles

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Fence Installation Services San Bernardino CA

You probably have a general idea about what kinds of fences are out there for you to choose from. Fence Builders San Bernardino offers all the common fence styles in San Bernardino, including aluminum fences, iron fences, wood fences, PVC fences, and chain link fences. Each of these fences are unique in what they can offer you on your property. All the common fence styles can provide you with a basic amount of safety and security, but if you are looking to get a fence for a specific reason, it will be helpful to understand what the benefits and strengths of each fence style are. Here, we have outlined all the common fence styles that are provided here at Fence Builders San Bernardino, the best fence company in San Bernardino.

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San Bernardino High-Quality Iron Fences

Iron fences are one of the strongest fences we supply and install at Fence Builders San Bernardino. We admire these fences for their intimidation factor. They always stand tall and look great on any kind of property that we install them on. Iron fences do require a small amount of maintenance for the duration that they are installed on your property. Since iron fences are made of iron, they are susceptible to rusting. Any time it rains, or any time the humidity is high, your iron fence could be in danger of rusting. Rusting will reduce the lifespan of your iron fence and it will decrease the physical appearance as well. To avoid this, occasional refinishing or repainting of the iron fence is important. Making sure that there are no exposed areas of the fence, where the finishing coat does not protect the naked iron, will help you keep rust at bay. Fence Builders San Bernardino has the best iron fences in San Bernardino, so if this is the fence you want, you will definitely want to get it installed by us.

San Bernardino Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences are fences that are very similar to iron fences. The only different is the material, but that creates a few more differences in strength and durability. Aluminum is a softer metal, so it is much easier to bend it and dent it. This means that if you are planning on having flying objects within your fenced area, an aluminum fence might not be what you want. Otherwise, aluminum fences have a lot of strengths. Aluminum does not rust so you will never have to worry about rain or humidity affecting your aluminum fence. Also, the malleability of aluminum makes aluminum fences ideal for properties that contain a lot of hills or changes in elevation; the aluminum fencing can bend to fit the exact shape of your property without leaving any awkward or risky spaces beneath the aluminum fence. Aluminum fences are strong regardless of their differences from iron and they will surely serve you well while it is installed on your property. Since we are the number one fence company in San Bernardino, we make sure to give our customers the best aluminum fences in San Bernardino.

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Affordable Wood Fences in San Bernardino

One of the most affordable fences we offer at Fence Builders San Bernardino is the wood fence. Wood fences are a very popular choice for fence owners to get installed on their property for many reasons. Wood is a very versatile material, as it can be made into many different styles of fencing. You are probably familiar with some common types of wood fences, like privacy fences and picket fences. There are also other types of fences that are used for ornamental purposes. Wood can also be stained or painted to have an appearance that you wish to have on your property. Wood fences do require maintenance over time, as wood wears away with erosion and the wood itself can tend to absorb moisture, so repainting and refinishing the wood fence can help it last longer. At Fence Builders San Bernardino, we always aim to provide our customers with wood fences that are guaranteed to last longer than other wood fences and we make sure that they look beautiful on your property.

San Bernardino PVC Fence Contractors

PVC Fences are very similar to wood fences in how they are installed, but the material requires significantly less maintenance. Like wood fences, you can have a PVC fence made into a privacy fence, a semi-privacy fence, a picket fence, or an ornamental fence. PVC is a vinyl material that is resistant to any moisture related to wearing away because PVC is nonporous. Rust, rotting, and other issues are always avoided when you choose to get a PVC fence installed on your property. If you are weary of getting a PVC fence because the idea of a plastic seems like a bad choice environmentally, you will be happy to know that PVC fences are completely recyclable and you even have the option to get a recycled PVC fence installed on your property. Fence Builders San Bernardino loves to give you these options because we care about our community and our environment. The PVC fence you get from Fence Builders will undoubtedly give you everything you have ever wanted and needed from a fence.

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san bernardino in fencing installation

San Bernardino Chain Link Fence Contractors

Chain link fences are a great fence to have on any type of property, whether residential or commercial. These fences are made to withstand great impacts, as the fence paneling can stretch to a certain extent, and the fence posts are made of a sturdy steel pole. Chain link fences can be installed at any height and length that you need it to be. Chain link fences always look great on your property and they are available in several different colors and finishes, so if you have a specific color you want, we can help you with that. Our chain link fences at Fence Builders are the highest quality chain link fences in San Bernardino.

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